Project 2014 2/12

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February 2014

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Mostly this month we worked on getting into the swing of being back into the school routine and trying to manage afternoon and end of week tiredness. I have been very slack with taking photos of the random moments around … Continue reading

January 2014

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Here is a look at our busy month that was January.  School holidays, Ruby’s birthday celebrations, crazy hot weather and starting back at school in Grade One!    

Camping Inskip Peninsula

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For Ruby’s school holidays in September and October we went back to Inskip  and Rainbow beach for another camping adventure.  If you are really keen you can see last years photos here. I didn’t get my camera out nearly as … Continue reading

August 2013

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August was a big month for events and activities.  Ruby had her first school sports day where she got to participate in all the usual events like long jump, high jump and running as well as some fun ones like … Continue reading

July 2013

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This month I got my 50mm lens back from being fixed (after months of shooting with the kit lens) and I kind of went a bit over board with photos.  I also didn’t think that I had taken much video … Continue reading

June 2013

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Half of the year is over, wow, where did that time go. The second half of this month has been a nice relief having Ruby home on school holidays. The first semester of school was full on for everyone especially … Continue reading

May 2013

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This month I decided that taking a photo every day was getting a little, well, hard!  Aside from it being time-consuming and stretching my creativity, my 50mm lens stopped working and I got into a bit of a funk about … Continue reading

Homeward bound

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Wind and rain was not what we wanted to wake up to but that’s what we got for our trip home.  While the boys packed up camp and loaded the boat, we made the most of our morning and played … Continue reading