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May 2013

This month I decided that taking a photo every day was getting a little, well, hard!  Aside from it being time-consuming and stretching my creativity, my 50mm lens stopped working and I got into a bit of a funk about having to go back to using my kit lens.

So instead I thought I would do one big post a month with various photos and the movie of the month all in one spot.  Hopefully making it easier for me and you!

In the beginning of May we went on a camping weekend to Stradbroke Island.  You can see those photos here, here and here.


  1. my4boysandme

    Beeeyoutiful as always!!! love the face painting and Rub’s tear so sad but stunning! Love the little video always a treat to watch 😉

  2. clever mama making adjustments so it works better for you! a stunning collection, my friend… but that first shot spinning is super awesome!

  3. Amber K

    I think you are very wise to cut back to monthly photos Belinda. Much more manageable!
    I think that crying photo is Ruby is amazing! So beautiful and sad at the same time.

  4. Kay-Lynn

    Beautiful post and photos and video and RUBY AND TILLY! :)
    (Yes only just catching up now lol)

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