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June 2013

Half of the year is over, wow, where did that time go.

The second half of this month has been a nice relief having Ruby home on school holidays. The first semester of school was full on for everyone especially Ruby, with the teachers amping up the curriculum in the last term.  She was tired, I was tired and Tilly and Rog were tired and sick with all the winter bugs going around.  Just to ease back and not run around so much has been wonderful.

June came and went like most of the months, we celebrated a couple of birthdays, had a few outings, the girls danced in their mid year concert, we saw a super moon (really it wasn’t that great!) and as usual attempted to capture everything on camera.


  1. Oh my goodness! Tilly’s hair in those bunches? And the dance concert video? Death by cute! Love the picture you took in that fish-eye mirror too, very cool.

  2. Nicole

    That first, big photo of Ruby is gorgeous! Her hair is amazing! I loved your movie of the month, the video of both girls dancing at their recitals is especially adorable!

  3. I was wondering where you were and delighted to come across this mega post! My absolute favourite picture is Ruby with her chin on the table in the cafe. The light is exquisite, you did such a perfect job. I also love how you used the circles in the first few: the ear phones and displays and mirrors are used to brilliant effect. And the girls are looking super cute. The straight on one’s of Tilly especially. Such a great post.

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