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July 2013

This month I got my 50mm lens back from being fixed (after months of shooting with the kit lens) and I kind of went a bit over board with photos.  I also didn’t think that I had taken much video footage but when I came to put the ‘movie of the month’ together I was pleasantly surprised by the amount I had taken (still nowhere near as much as usual).

















































And now for some shameless promotion.

Alice Rose Designs

These photos are of Ruby’s business she set up in the July school holidays.  My little entrepreneur had her heart set on setting up a stall outside our house to sell fruit, when I asked her where we were getting the fruit to sell she told me the shops.  Her next idea was to make toys and sell to the kids in the street.  She was going to put wheels on egg cartons.  A runaway success for sure.  When I suggested we attempt to make tutu’s and sell them, her little face lit up.  These are photos from our ‘trail’ tutu photoshoot and some of the ones she has made for her ‘clients’.  Her shop front is here, she called it Alice Rose Designs, using Ruby and Tilly’s middle names, so that Tilly can be part of the business when she is old enough to help.



  1. Firstly – Whoa! When did Ruby get so tall? She is suddenly all legs and looking so grown up.
    Secondly, LOVE your movie. Always do! My favourite bits are seeing your girls together, especially snuggling and chatting in their towels on the beach :) Must show T the photos of them happily wearing their shark fins. He refuses to put his on.
    Lastly – Great pictures too. The ones of Tilly sleeping? Be still my heart! So sweet! Not sure how you can stop yourself from constantly scooping her up and smothering her in kisses. And nice to see your 50 back in action too. I need to make an insurance claim for mine but I’m almost too embarrassed, give that I claimed for it once already this year 😐
    Oh, and congrats Ruby on your business. I know where to come if I need a tutu anytime. :)

  2. Gosh I am so sorry, I was trying to comment hours ago and your site was playing up and then everything ran away with me. I really miss you posting more regularly but these bumper posts are lovely. I always love movie of the month and there are so many beautiful photographs. I absolutely love the dramatic lighting in the portraits towards the end and the black and whites are so beautiful. I love the silvery processing you have done. I will have to try and work out how to do it. The kiss is an absolute classic too! The tutu pictures are really special. I would love to place an order (I can picture Anton in blue and Neve in green) but we are very far away :-( It’s just brilliant that she is doing this, so many great lessons learnt while she does something she enjoys. Oh and those eyelashes are INCREDIBLE and I love love love the pic looking down on their shoes.

  3. Sarah

    Wonderful set Belinda – Im guessing you’re thrilled to have the 50mm back – I struggle with the kit lens too. I want to like it, and master it, but I always end up back with the 50 again! I particularly love the tutu series – those tutus will sell themselves with those photos showcasing them!

  4. That b&w thumb sucking picture is so pretty! I struggle with getting good coloring on my B&W photos but you seem to have mastered it. Lovely work, and I totally understand about going crazy when the lovely lenses are back!

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