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August 2013

August was a big month for events and activities.  Ruby had her first school sports day where she got to participate in all the usual events like long jump, high jump and running as well as some fun ones like egg and spoon races, sack races etc etc.  It was a massive day and even though sports is not her forte she had an absolute ball.

My favourite photo from the entire day is the one where she is beaming after running the 100 meters and she was given a sticker that says “I ran a race” with a picture of a turtle on it.  One of her class friends didn’t get a sticker [she came second and got a red ribbon] and Ruby felt sorry for her and gave her sticker away.

Ruby also had her first school excursion, a trip to Jacobs Well Environmental Center, which also included her very first trip on a bus.  I was one of the lucky parents who got to go along and supervise/help [take lots of photos].

There were performances on assembly, modelling competitions, trips to the Royal Queensland Exhibition [The Ekka} and we also fitted in some strawberry picking and tutu making on the weekends.


  1. Your girls are beautiful! I kept scrolling down saying to myself, “that one is my favorite” until I came to the next one and proclaimed it my favorite! I think my absolute favorites were of the petting farm. Love the little chickies!!

  2. What an amazing month they had! It looks like non-stop activity and happiness. So many beautiful pictures but my absolute favourites are the ones of Tilly in the tutu. She looks so beautiful and dramatic with something of a silent movie star about her. They really are incredible pictures of her as is the one with her face painted. Her expressions during the sports commentating are PRİCELESS! It looks like her personality is just getting bigger and bigger. And Ruby is just as wonderful as ever.

  3. Amber K

    Wow, you guys really did pack a lot into that month! Belinda you have such beautiful girls. The ones of Tilly in her tutu are utterly gorgeous. Especially the one of her running away from Ruby and swinging her handbag. Hilarious!

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