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February 2014

Mostly this month we worked on getting into the swing of being back into the school routine and trying to manage afternoon and end of week tiredness.

I have been very slack with taking photos of the random moments around the house. There are just a couple from an outing with friends and a camping trip we had taken in the middle of the month.

IMG_4146 IMG_4153 IMG_4160 IMG_4162 IMG_4164 IMG_4167 IMG_4175 IMG_4205 IMG_4214 IMG_4215 IMG_4217 IMG_4228 IMG_4239 IMG_4249 IMG_4259 IMG_4260 IMG_4269 IMG_4272 IMG_4283 IMG_4290 IMG_4293 IMG_4319 IMG_4327 IMG_4332 IMG_4333 IMG_4334 IMG_4337 IMG_4348 IMG_4350 IMG_4353 IMG_4356 IMG_4359

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  1. goodness!!! those portraits in the afternoon light are simply stunning!!!! wow, you are doing wonderfully! love them all. so many awesome camping scenes too – love how u guys go camping so often!!! fantastic. what beautiful family moments.

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