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 So much different from her sister. They are like day and night in the way they look and their personalities.

Tilly has lots of dark hair that only has a curl from where she twiddles her finger through it as a comforter (she sucks her thumb at the same time).  She has her dads long eye lashes just like Ruby but so many of her features are her mamas.

We knew very early that Tilly was going to be a happy, social little creature. She will smile at everyone, from her dearest relatives to the man who came to tow our car away. She is also the only baby that I know who was excited to see Santa and ran over to sit on his knee.

Tilly absolutely loves water and swimming, she is happy to play by herself and will be content to read a book with animal pictures for hours (almost all the animals say ‘woof’).

A cheeky little 1 year whose favourite game is to empty cupboards and distribute the contents around the house at full speed. Checking over her shoulder with a big smile that you are chasing her.

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  1. I just happened to see this today and had to smile. Milo has surprised us by not being afraid of Santa too, and it always makes me smile to see how Tilly and Milo share adventurous personalities!

    Tilly is the cutest little doll!

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